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Why Team Valentine Project?

Team Valentine Project is one platform where regardless of where the Army sends us, I can fulfill my purpose to help others find SIMPLE & REALISTIC ways to live a vibrant, healthy life.


But here’s a little more about how I got here...

I sprinted out of the gates of undergrad, building my dream company prior to graduation.  I’m not going to lie, providing sports massage therapy and exercise prescription for NFL athletes and healthcare providers while finishing my degree in sports science was incredible! 

Then, in 2009 I became a military spouse.  While I was able to briefly live between two states during my husband’s deployments, in 2011 I left my career with the NFL behind. 

Since then, our family has relocated 9 times.  I want my gravestone to read “You can’t say she didn’t try” because it has taken relentless dedication to continuing education and reengineering my career.  However, I’m grateful to have worked across the wellness field all throughout the U.S.!  I’ve provided health coaching, exercise testing, and sports-specific programming.  I’ve earned a masters in Public Health Practice, designed wellness initiatives and technology, and published twice as a research fellow.  

While in my research fellowship I started losing sleep because I was arming myself with knowledge of how to solve health challenges, yet so many individuals were out there searching for answers.  I’ve felt that pain!  “Chronically" sick, 50 pounds heavier, crippling anxiety, “infertile”, and most of all confused about what to do about it!  Team Valentine Project thus became my platform to empower others with scientifically sound and realistic tips so they can design their own wellness solutions!

Team Valentine Project has expanded to share how I am optimizing performance as a competitive runner while reversing my own diagnoses.  Having experienced my own health breakdowns, I've had to learn how to make them personal breakthroughs!  As a result, I published a best-selling book with a practical framework helping others to confidently break through challenges.  Most recently, I was selected as a Top 10 Performance Coach to Follow in 2021 by Disrupt Magazine and was named NCHEC's 2020 Outstanding Leader in Health Education.  I am excited to continue to support others in creating their own resilient foundation of healthy, vibrant well-being!

I offer a full academy helping those taking on big health and performance goals learn how to optimize their mind and body to perform at their best! Learn more about Badass Breakthrough Academy and view my free advanced training sharing strategies to get you started here. 


If you’re ready to take action, Let’s Go!  I'm happy to be your go-to expert to help expedite your success!​  

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Those Other Details

We live in a world filled with misleading media spins on research and every brother and his mother having an opinion on how to be healthy.  Since I know being a self-proclaimed nerd will only get me so far, here are a few of my credentials.  Further details available on LinkedIn.


2021 Top 10 Performance Coach to Follow

2020 Wellness Educator of the Year

NCHEC Health Education Specialist

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach

NCBTMB Certified Massage Therapist

ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level II

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Myoskeletal Therapist

MPH – Public Health Practice

BA – Exercise Science, PreMed Biology

AAS - Massotherapy