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Valentine Family

Why Team Valentine Project?

Team Valentine Project is one platform where regardless of where the Army sends our family, I can fulfill my purpose to help others find simple ways to live a vibrant, healthy & high-performance life!


But here’s a little more about how I got here...

I sprinted out of the gates of undergrad, building my dream company prior to graduation.  Providing sports massage & exercise guidance for NFL athletes & healthcare providers while finishing my degree in sports science was incredible! 

Then, in 2009 I became a military spouse.  While I was able to briefly live between two states during my husband’s deployments, in 2011 I left my career with the NFL behind. 

Since then, our family has relocated 9 times.  I want my gravestone to read “You can’t say she didn’t try” because it has taken relentless dedication to earning over 15 degrees & credentials as I've reengineered my career.  However, I’m grateful to have worked across the ENTIRE wellness field!  I’ve provided health coaching, exercise testing & sports-specific programming.  I’ve earned a masters in health, designed wellness programs & tech + published health & performance research!


While in my research fellowship I started losing sleep because I was arming myself with knowledge of how to solve wellness challenges, yet SO many individuals were out there searching for answers.  I’ve been there!  “Chronically" ill,  stuck weight, a crummy athlete, hormone chaos & most of all, confused about what to do about it!  This blog became my platform to empower others with reliable science-based tips to unlock optimal well-being without it being complicated!

 In 2019 I faced devastating diagnoses. Thus, this blog expanded to share how I worked with my mind & body to optimize performance as a competitive runner while successfully reversing my conditions.  If you are facing health or performance breakdowns, know you too CAN make them breakthroughs!  I now have a best-selling book with 5 simple steps so others can unlock their greatness to confidently break through challenges & was named 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach, 2020 Outstanding Leader in Health Education & a 2022 Small Business Hometown Hero.

Now founder of Breaking Through Wellness, I offer expert 1:1 coaching, courses & workshops so you too can unlock your best health, performance & resilience despite age 35+, busy life or setbacks!


If you’re ready, it's go time to unlock your potential with more energy & less stress!​  

Discover More:

  • Explore my integrated 1:1 health, running & performance coaching + courses HERE.

  • Badass Breakthrough Academy for active women & runners age 35+ HERE.

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Those Other Details

We live in a world filled with misleading media spins on research and every brother and his mother having an opinion on how to be healthy.  Since I know being a self-proclaimed nerd will only get me so far, here are a few of my credentials.  Further details available on LinkedIn.


2021 Top 10 Performance Coach

2020 Health Specialist of the Year

NCHEC Health Education Specialist

ACSM Exercise Physiologist

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

Board Certified Massage Therapist

ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level II

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Myoskeletal Therapist

MPH – Public Health Practice

BA – Exercise Science, PreMed Biology

AAS - Massotherapy

Best-Selling Sports Science, Stress Management & Self-Help Author

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