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This isn’t your typical motivational book, as it’s specially designed to maximize your time and energy.  After all, when facing a challenge or taking on a personal goal, we need ALL the time and energy we can get!


The Art of Breaking Through delivers a simple five-step approach to

breaking through life’s most difficult moments.


Described by readers as, “a must-read, highly actionable, and a breath of fresh air” you’ll find this book practical and to-the-point.

In this book you'll get:

  • A clear and customizable game plan to break through your challenges with confidence and ease.

  • Brief exercises with real life examples to show you exactly how to apply this five-step solution.

  • A simple way to tap into your inner greatness, strength, and resilience any time you need it.

Whether you are training for a sports competition, facing a health diagnosis, or taking on a personal goal, this book shows HOW we are all perfectly capable of overcoming any challenge life brings our way!

Grab your copy here and find out why others call this best-selling book, “a superb tool to live a remarkable life.”

The Art of Breaking Through

Five Simple Steps to Take on Any Challenge & Tackle Self-Doubt

Praise for The Art of Breaking Through 

“Finally, a simple and practical guide to breaking through what gets in the way of achieving our dreams. The Art of Breaking Through is a must read!”      


-Lindsey Schwartz, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Powerhouse Women Events & Podcast


“The Art of Breaking Through is unique from other books because it provides you with a simple, practical way to make your most ambitious goals achievable in a way that is not overwhelming and that fits into a busy lifestyle. The five-step approach is straightforward, but also involves very powerful techniques to help you reach your highest potential.”      


-Hannah Cocchiaro, Endurance Athlete & Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

“If you've ever had difficulty trying to overcome a challenge, consider this book your new favorite personal trainer of attitude and approach! In this easy-to-read guide Louise helps you put this 5-step process immediately into action. You get the feeling she is your coach, right alongside you, as you lay out your own plan to confidently take on the challenge standing in your way.”       


-Dr. Christina Pratt, Surgeon & Assistant Professor, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine


"Louise accomplishes an author’s duty – developing a text that can be easily followed, read, and actioned – by many.  In a year where our lives seem extra hard, this book is an easy read offering repeatable steps towards success. The Art of Breaking Through does it right, blending personal experience with the right touch of practical.  Louise shares her story, not in pity, but for the reason she needs to – which is that, like you, she has challenges and will do whatever it takes to own and overcome them.”

-Shameet Luhar, CEO Vheda Health


“Louise has the ability to show you what you’re truly capable of in all areas of life. For years, she’s inspired so many with what she accomplishes, even in the face of hurdles and obstacles that would have most people quit. If you want to live an incredible life, read this book.”

-Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman, Best-Selling Authors, Relationship Coaches, and Founders of Empowered Couples University and Podcast


The Art of Breaking Through is truly one of the keys to achieving next-level performance and success! In the midst of a pandemic and facing health challenges of my own, I was introduced to Louise's incredibly practical framework full of highly actionable and inspirational tools. Despite what at times seemed like insurmountable odds, this book gave me the power to continue moving forward, taking the next steps to achieve both personal and professional advances.”

 -Dr. Erin Karara, Founder of Karara Total Health & Wellness


About The Author

Regardless of where the Army sends Louise Valentine, MPH, CHES, ACSM-EP, CSCS, BCTMB, her career is dedicated to empowering others to live a vibrant, healthy life.  As a wellness expert, she has worked with professional athletes, researchers, and senior leaders throughout the U.S. 


Also working to reverse her own health diagnoses and optimize her performance as a competitive athlete, Louise refuses to lets others waste time or energy trying to figure it all out!  She is the founder of the Team Valentine Project wellness platform, where she shares her passion for helping others find SIMPLE and REALISTIC ways to make wellness work.

Be sure to follow along via @BreakingThroughWellness Instagram!

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