Are you feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by the challenges in your life?


The Art of Breaking Through delivers a simple five-step approach to

breaking through life’s most difficult moments.


Louise is a fierce military spouse who has refused to be brought down by diagnoses of infertility, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, and precancerous conditions. As a result of her military lifestyle and health challenges, she has set out to empower others to live a resilient and vibrant life despite uncontrolled circumstances. If it is possible for her, it is possible for you!


Within her career designing wellness interventions for pro athletes, communities across the U.S., and senior military and healthcare leaders, Louise has worked to simplify solutions so they can be practically applied to everyday life. Developed from over seventeen years of education and experience, this book delivers a clear and customizable approach to breaking through your challenges with confidence and ease.


Get ready. You’re about to become a stronger, more resilient version of yourself that you never could have imagined was possible!

The Art of Breaking Through

Five Simple Steps to Take on Any Challenge & Tackle Self-Doubt

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About The Author

Louise Valentine is a published research fellow, wellness expert, and competitive athlete who is passionate about optimizing outcomes.


Her career is focused on helping leaders identify realistic, simple, and evidence-based solutions to our most challenging wellness problems. Also working to reverse her own unexpected diagnoses, Louise refuses to let others waste time, energy, or money trying to figure it all out. She shares her journey through Team Valentine Project, a platform dedicated to helping others empower themselves to live a vibrant, healthy life.


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