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Are You Borrowing From Your Tomorrow to Pay For Today?

Another honest real life moment brought to you curtousy of my brutally honest husband!

healthy women runner reflecting on stress management and fitness goals

In the video below I share:

🌟why we need to ask ourselves this important question

🌟how my current pro athlete client shocked me (& got it right!)

🌟some simple questions to ask yourself

🌟some simple actions you can take right now

➡️ Ask yourself: In what way are you borrowing from your tomorrow to pay for today & what small step will you take TODAY to do something about it?

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Remember: 🔥What we do & what we say to ourselves when it gets hard matters🔥 Let's not steal from our tomorrow to manage the hard of today. And when it's a little too hard, or consistently hard, we need to do something about it now.

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Wishing you a vibrant, badass day!


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