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FAQ: Do I really need a multivitamin & if so, what should I look for to make sure it's a good one?

I love this FAQ I've received over the years as a wellness researcher, health & performance coach - it's something everyone wants to know: Do multivitamins matter & if so, what the heck should I look for when buying one?!

Let's break down the wonderful world of multivitamins - keeping it simple, practical & focusing on what matters most so you can live an energized, healthy & high-performance life!

do runners & fitness enthusiasts need a multivitamin to increase energy & perform at their best

In this video I discuss:

🌟How do you know if you need to take a multivitamin?

🌟Why would you want to take one?

🌟Is it really worth the money?

🌟What are things to look for when purchasing?

🌟Which companies & brands do I recommend (& why)?

🌟Real client results & wins that go a long way to increase energy & vibrant good health!

🌟How I've used vitamins to reverse health conditions & remain a high-performing runner.

🌟Results you should look for if you too decide to give a high-quality multivitamin a try!

And just in case you know you could benefit from additional Vitamin D supplementation (most people can), my kids share how to maximize it in this quick video here:

Links to resources mentioned:

🌿Learn more about Nutreince Multivitamin here.

🌿Learn more about Thorne Elite A.M. & P.M. Multivitamin here.

🌿Learn about working with me to unlock your health, potential & mind-body resilience here!


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