Health Update & Nrish Nutrition Program Review

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Many readers are familiar with my background in all-things sports science and practical application of health research. Others have followed my journey of being diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 33, as I continue to reject any Physician who tells me I am destined for a lifetime of medications. Instead, I am successfully reversing my conditions through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Healthy mindset quote about fighting disease through healthy living

The past few years have been quite the journey in:

But here's the #1 secret to my success so far...

Despite my robust list of credentials and working alongside some of the best research scientists, pro athlete trainers, and healthcare professionals throughout my career, I am continuously taking CEU courses, reading research, and soaking up medical lectures "for fun."


My secret is...

I am continuously surrounding myself with

people who are smarter than me!


Most recently, despite being meticulous in designing a nutrition and lifestyle intervention to maximize my well-being and athletic performance, I started having some serious health issues. Long story short, my throat was closing when I was eating and drinking (even veggie-packed salads and water). It got so bad that I had a choking episode in front of my kids where the contents of my stomach decorated my entire kitchen. It made me second guess everything I was doing!

A few months and procedures later I was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition of my stomach, stemming from underlying gut health issues that unfortunately progressed to my esophagus and impacted my ability to swallow food. Well, you bet since then I have hired and fired a few Physicians along my journey! I've rejected anyone who has told me I need a lifetime of medications or that there is "nothing I can do." Instead, I am again assembling a team of professionals who are helping me address these health issues head on.


As a part of this journey I want to share a program that has really helped me kickstart this new chapter.

Nrish nutrition program holistic wellness

I worked with coach Will Armijo 4 years ago when I was looking to address fatigue and burnout after running the Boston Marathon a few months after having my 2nd baby. His WillPowered Program helped me go from a burned out endurance athlete to experiencing a body building-like physique transformation I will never forget! I've always learned so much from Will and my first experience working with him helped me not only get physical results, but helped me reshape my relationship with food in a way that I am eternally grateful for!

Now, Will and his team are on a mission to help #KillTheDiet culture. He has spent years designing a nutrition education program that drives results specific to our body's needs. Recognizing I am in a place of having to yet again design a dietary approach to reverse my health conditions I decided to give his 30-Day Nrish Challenge a try.

Nrish nutrition program 30 day challenge results

After my first 30 days I am happy to report the results have been amazing! My results include:

  • continuing to learn about my body and how it responds to different foods

  • a noticeable decrease in inflammation throughout my body

  • vastly improved energy levels

  • being a part of an empowering and supportive free nutrition community

As you can imagine, it takes a lot for me to try a health program and even more for me to share it with others. However, after my first 30-day experience with Nrish I can 100% report I am on-board with this program! They live up to their mission of empowering others to maximize their well-being through a whole foods, intuitive dietary approach.


So what's your health goal?


Looking to decrease bloating, decrease body fat, correct energy problems, increase recovery, or enhance gut health? Eager to eliminate the need to ever "diet" again? Check out the Nirsh program here and secure your spot in the next 30-day challenge. Use coupon code "LOUISE15" for 15% off.

In this program you will be supported to meet your goal through:

  • customized nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching

  • access to endless education focused on reducing inflammation and toxicity

  • better understanding whole food and the power it has on your body

When life hands you challenges, it's all about finding the right support to lift you up. Heck, in my experience if I think I might start to feel knocked down I assemble a support team just in case!

I firmly believe one of the biggest secrets to living a vibrant, healthy life is surrounding ourselves with knowledgable, empowering individuals on a mission to maximize well-being. And as always, I'll continue to share what I learn through this blog and through my Badass Breakthrough Academy. If you'd like to check it out we offer a free training, "How to Take Your Health & Performance to Its Next Level (The Simple Way), available here.

Wherever your journey takes you, I wish you much support and encouragement along the way! You've got this and you do not have to be alone :)


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