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How to Find Motivation When Dreading a Medical Appointment

Feeling uneasy about getting blood work done?

Frustrated with having to schedule necessary healthcare appointments?

Try this simple yet powerful mindset shift below!

To start, I hear ya! As someone who is working to reverse my own diagnoses, I know how intimidating keeping up with healthcare appointments can be. It's not easy to navigate virtual appointments, COVID precautions, and witness the stress this virus is placing on our providers.

The Bottom-line is: Despite the pandemic, many of us require regular appointments, lab work, and procedures for a known condition or disease.

So what can we do when we feel frustrated or unmotivated to keep up with it all? This wonderful perspective from Dr. Daniel Amen is worth repeating!

“Getting your labs checked is ultimately about love. When your numbers are good it means you will be able to live longer, doing what you love, for the people you serve and the people you love.

Ultimately, your health is about love. We do the right things not because we have to but because we love ourselves, love what we do in this world, and we love those around us.”

Wow! Yes Dr. Amen, that is what it is all about! While I have a few go-to tactics for motivating myself to keep taking one more step in the right direction, it is inevitably a very long road ahead to reverse my osteoporosis and precancerous stomach condition. I usually shift my mindset to be “lab work = collect information about my body = helps me and my doctors develop a game plan = results” but I think I’ll roll with “lab work = love” more often.

So when you find yourself or a loved one facing fear, frustration, or a long road ahead remember:

*Healthcare appointments & lab work = LOVE*

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