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I Did It! Reversing Osteoporosis in One Year

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It's been a little over one year since I was first diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 33. This week I got the results of another DEXA scan. Usually DEXAs aren't done every year, but I requested one to see if all my efforts have been making a difference.

I didn’t know what to expect because my doctors told me they didn’t know how much progress I would realistically be able to make in one year. After all, I chose not to go on Osteoporosis medications and have to not only correct what is degrading my bones, but also successfully start to rebuild them.

Two kids hugging their mom, with quote "do scary things because little eyes are watching."

It wasn’t an easy road per say. It was one that required I work with various doctors to determine potential root causes and then work to properly address ALL of them. I was nervous leading up to this week! I found myself questioning if I had done enough. Had I done enough of my own research, got enough second opinions, paid for enough out-of-pocket blood work analyses of my body, tried enough dietary interventions, and spent enough time modifying my weight lifting and running to honor what I intuitively felt my body needed? Ultimately, had I empowered myself enough to take charge of my health and see through what somedays seemed like the impossible?

Athlete looking out into nature, "Be evidence based but not evidence limited."

Ladies and gentlemen, I am elated to report I have indeed *REVERSED my Osteoporosis* in a year! I not only have made significant gains in bone density in all areas the scan measures, but in all areas I have moved from the "Osteoporosis" range to "Osteopenia." Thankfully, I no longer have the bones of an 80-year-old!

It’s still a long road to continue to make progress and to fully restore my health, but this is a MAJOR win to I know I am doing all the right things without Osteoporosis meds!

I want others to know what is possible.

I want others to know it’s possible to find doctors that work with us, ones who will listen when we say we think there is something wrong and who will collaborate with us to develop a game plan.

Wellness quote, "There are a variety of ways to manage or treat a disease."

It’s possible to listen to enough physician and researcher lectures and to read enough studies to help determine our course of treatment. We can empower ourselves by seeking out cutting-edge researchers in the fields of what we are struggling with.

We can try new things, give them a chance to work, and if they don't, revamp our game plan with our head held high. It is a dynamic and wild ride, but there is only one thing that we can truly do to inhibit our success and that's give up.

Quote, "Our ability to conquer our challenges in limitless."

It’s our body. We only get one! We have the power to keep it vibrant, strong, and functional, despite what “crappy” genetics and all the unhealthy, negative chatter that surrounds us tells us.

There are so many things I want to scream out to the world right now and I definitely want to share a detailed blog post of the things I have done to restore my bone health. But right now, I also want to ride high in this moment, pat myself on the back, and soak in all the good!

A wellness quote, "everything we need is already inside of us."

It's a fabulous road ahead - one filled with keeping on keeping on. If there is anything I have learned in this journey it's that it truly is all about taking one small, proactive step in front of the other. There is much more simplifying life, slowing down, shifting perspective, intuitive training, seed rotation, bone broth, light therapy, and positive vibes to come!

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Wishing you an empowered, vibrant journey!


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