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Bone Broth & Rheumatoid Arthritis: My Mom's Story

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A few months ago I shared how I started to drink bone broth as a way to support my digestive and bone health. Since then, it's remained a part of my game plan to reverse my osteoporosis and hypothyroid conditions. (Check out the full article here).

Kettle and Fire Chicken Bone Broth

As I share here on the blog and through social media, the little tweaks I've made in my nutrition and lifestyle have added up to make a BIG difference in helping to progress my health conditions in the right direction.


However, something that I'm even more excited to share are my mom's results! She is a shining example of how making a few healthy changes can go a very long way to improve our well-being.


For those of you who know my mom, you are well aware she’s a bit of a spitfire. We like to say, "She may be small, but she's mighty!" And let's just say, when I wrote the article, "Is Getting Your Spouse to Make a Healthy Change Mission Impossible?", well that can be applied to moms, too!

Doctor taking notes about health history

One of the reasons why I’ve been a health nut since grade school is because when I walk into a doctor's office I bring a two page document that includes a pretty rough family history, much of which includes a list of my mom's conditions. One of those conditions is Rheumatoid Arthritis, which my mom was diagnosed with at age 16. Thankfully, after years of watching me dedicate myself to all things wellness, my mom began to ask a few questions. Finally, when I got handed a few diagnoses of my own and started to see improvements my mom decided to make a few changes.

About four months ago my mom starting drinking at least two containers of Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth per week. She also adds a scoop of Bulletproof collagen protein into her morning tea and takes Ionix Supreme, a blend of adaptogenic herbs, on most days of the week.


These small changes, in addition to trying to eat healthier "most of the time", have added up to incredible results!


For the past 20 years my mom has had joint deformities and severely limited range of motion in her hands. Over time, she lost the ability to close her hands to make a fist.

Arthritic hand now able to make a full fist

Not only does my mom now have full range of motion in her hands, but she also experiences fewer "stiff mornings" and feels an overall improved sense of well-being! I must add, she is keeping up with her grandkids better than ever, too!

I think my favorite part about this whole thing is that she now actually looks forward to coming to stay at my home because she knows she will eat extra healthy and leave feeling extra well. Having my mom at a stage where she is not only making some healthy changes, but enjoying them too is something that makes my heart so happy!

Grandmother having a light saber battle with grandson

I look forward to watching my mom‘s journey as she continues to take charge of her health. My mom's success and all the positive feedback I've received from those who've made changes as a result of Team Valentine Project make this passion project blog well worth the effort. If you enjoyed this article, please share to support our work!

If you're looking to give bone broth a try I highly recommended Kettle & Fire. As my mom said, she tried other brands and "just couldn't do it." Kettle & Fire's dedication to quality and taste go a long way to make it a stand out brand I'm happy to recommend! 2022 Update: I'm super excited to partner with this high-vibe company to offer Team Valentine Project readers 25% off their first purchase. Just visit their website here and use coupon code "BREAKINGTHROUGHWELLNESS". Cheers to vibrant good health and all-things high-performance living!

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Team Valentine Project's mission is to empower you to find simple, realistic, and science-based ways to live a vibrant, healthy and high-performance life!

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