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Why Would a Vegetarian Start to Drink Bone Broth?

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If a so-called Vegetarian starts to drink bone broth daily, does that sound a little controversial to you?

In the Valentine Family home it certainly has been! After being inspired by vegan ultra-runner Scott Jurek, my husband decided to take on the vegetarian lifestyle to see how it affects his athletic performance and overall wellness. Myself, always loving to support my husband’s goals and experiment with new nutrition protocols, decided to come along for the ride. Well, a lot of documentary watching and podcast listening later, my husband is now pretty excited about his commitment to being a “no meat athlete” to promote environmental stability and kindness to animals.

young father in no meat athlete shirt

Fast forward to my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis and I now find I need to completely revamp my nutrition in order to save my health. While I intend to keep a plant-based lifestyle, I have found a need to reconsider being fully vegetarian.



After researching foods that can have the greatest impact on reversing my osteoporosis, I wholeheartedly believe bone broth has some unique properties that can boost my body’s ability to fight the good fight.

Here are just some of the many possible benefits:

  • Joint Health - It’s a natural source of collagen (the protein that makes up bones, tendons and ligaments) and glycosaminoglycans (commonly taken as supplements to reduce joint pain and inflammation).

  • Digestive Health - It contains specific amino acids, which can help maintain the intestinal wall, stomach lining, and prevent leaky gut.

  • Bone Health - It contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which are essential to bone health.

  • Immune Function - The specific amino acid profile can help naturally build the body’s immune system.

  • Skin Health -The collagen can increase connective tissue, reduce cellulite, and tighten skin.

  • Detoxification - The glycine found in bone broth can help the body reduce oxidative stress by producing antioxidants and also supports the liver in removing toxins from the body.



At this point in my osteoporosis’s progression I don’t want to pass up ANY of these wellness benefits! Unfortunately, I have a lot of work ahead of me and bone broth is something I want to have my back (literally).

So, what’s a Vegetarian Valentine to do? If I’m gonna do bone broth, I’ve gotta do it right. You bet I looked for an eco-friendly, kindness-based company I could get behind! What brand did I ultimately go with? (drum roll, please)

Kettle & Fire

Kettle and Fire bone broths and fresh vegetables

The #1 reason why I love this company is that it’s run by the Mares brother, two dudes with a passion for living well, creating high-quality products to support the body’s healing process, and just being overall good to people and the earth. They are quickly becoming America’s go-to bone broth company and I’m hoping on board the train!

Here are other reasons why Kettle & Fire is awesome:

  • Starting to use bone broth wasn't exactly an easy change for me. However, I was relieved to know that Kettle & Fire maintains strict standards to deliver broth made from bones of humanely raised, with no antibiotic or hormones, 100% grass-fed cattle and chicken.

  • They use a slow-simmer process with organic ingredients, so I can rest easy knowing my body will get the high amounts of collagen, nutrients, and important amino acids it desperately needs. This really sets the brand apart from others, which often lack nutrient density due to poor cooking processes.

Man pouring bone broth into cup
  • In support of our family’s quest to be kinder to the environment I was elated to see that the packaging is recyclable, made from sustainably sourced materials, and biodegradable.

  • I have never been a huge fan of meat or animal byproducts, so taste had to be spot on. The combination of high-quality organic chicken bones, veggies, and spices create an amazingly delicious flavor.

  • I need something that can easily be taken on the go and stored at my office. Kettle & Fire is the only company that has a fresh bone broth that won’t go bad, doesn’t require freezing, and uses a unique “aspectic” vacuum packaging process so no germs can get in. This means no freezing, no spoilage, and no added preservatives or additives!

  • For us newbies, the company has partnered with world-renowned chefs to provide recipe guides so we can use bone broth in fun and creative ways. Cheers to that!



So what will bone broth do for my health? I’ve taken on a new experiment and am drinking bone broth every day for at least 30 days.

woman preparing healthy meal

I've stumbled across a few hidden benefits:

  • A serious energy boost to beat my typical 2:00 energy slump at work.

  • A wonderful way to beat the munchies while preparing dinner, as sipping on bone broth gives me a much needed mood and energy boost before our family dinner.

  • My children are my new sipping partners, as they also enjoy the taste. I’m pretty pumped about this one, as their little developing immune systems and gut health can definitely benefit. Any way we can encourage healthy eating, count me in!

  • A comforting, healing drink when I had an everlasting cough, cold, and sinus congestion.

  • A great replacement for coffee, which I have to eliminate from my diet at this time.



Are you ready to see what bone broth can do for your health? Check out Kettle & Fire's website, with additional resources to help you find the perfect option for you! 2022 Update: I'm so excited to have officially partnered with this high-vibe company to offer Team Valentine Project readers 25% off their first purchase. Just use coupon code "BREAKINGTHROUGHWELLNESS" at checkout.

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