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A Realistic Way to Accomplish All of Your Health & Fitness Goals


Do you have multiple health and fitness goals? Are you serious about wanting results? Learn a simple and realistic strategy to help you “do it all!”


Let’s be honest. It’s not always easy to make wellness a priority. Despite this challenge, most of us have MANY areas of health and fitness that we’d like to improve.

For example, I have a goal to reverse my diagnoses of osteoporosis and a precancerous stomach. I am also serious about wanting to revamp my clean skincare routine to address my “pandemic wrinkles'' and dry winter skin. Sounds like a lot to take on!

Do you find yourself wanting to improve a few different areas of your health too?

With focusing on one wellness goal being tough enough, it might make you wonder, “How can I realistically accomplish ALL of my goals? Is there a secret to optimizing many areas of well-being at the same time?”

items to help accomplish personal wellness goals

If you are serious about getting results, try this SIMPLE and REALISTIC strategy to help you “do it all.”

The Bottom-Line is: Taking on and achieving results for multiple health and fitness goals is possible if you CHECK IN and most importantly, CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR.

Here’s how to do it!




Take inventory: Create a list of your wellness goals. Ask yourself, “What areas of health and fitness am I currently working on or looking to improve?”

writing a list of wellness goals I want to accomplish

Review: Confirm that you want to keep each of your goals on your list. Questions to ask include:

  • What does achieving this goal mean to me?

  • Is it critical to work towards this goal for my health?

  • Is it realistic to include this goal at this time, given other life priorities and circumstances?

  • Do any of my goals contradict one another? (i.e. trying to body build and PR a marathon. Sounds pretty obvious it wouldn’t work out in our favor, but it doesn’t mean we still won’t try! Read my experience here.)

Prioritize: Order your remaining goals from most to least important. Circle your must-achieve, top priorities. Remove any goals that are standing in your way of accomplishing what matters most to you.

determined women and man wanting to accomplish a fitness goal

Now that you have checked in to clarify your must-achieve goals, it’s time to ensure you get results!




You’re probably familiar with the concept that all great leaders know how and when to delegate. Similarly, if you want to take charge your health and well-being, you have to know when to collaborate! I lovingly call this, “checking our ego at the door.”

Let’s use my two wellness goals as an example of why and how to do this.

1. Start by asking yourself if any of your goals are relatively easy to remain committed to. Is there a goal you enjoy working on or confidently know how to achieve?

For myself, it’s a non-negotiable health priority that I lift weights 3-4 times per week to reverse my osteoporosis. Luckily, being a strength coach and having a degree in exercise physiology this is one area in which I am confident, strong, and committed. Not only do I know how to design my own training plans, but I enjoy lifting weights and “playing” in the gym. Driving results for this health goal is natural and (most of the time) fun.

2. Once you identify where you feel strong and confident, ask yourself where you need more information or could use extra support. Do you find any of your goals frustrating, overwhelming, or dreadful?

Another essential component to reversing my diagnoses is having a solid nutrition game plan. As someone who also went to school for dietetics, can I research and design my own plan? Yes. Do I want to? Sometimes. However, reality is I need A LOT more information and honestly, some days I just flat-out lack motivation to eat anti-inflammatory. These are my indicators that it’s time to check my ego at the door!

letting go of our ego to accept support from others
(me waving goodbye to my ego)

While I could try to “do it all”, I recognize this is a health goal where it saves me time, energy, and optimizes results when I collaborate with others. In full recognition I’m serious about getting results I first team up with my traditional and functional medicine doctors to run labs so I know what areas of nutrition to focus on. Additionally, I’m a member of the Nrish Holistic Nutrition Facebook community to help me remember HOW and WHY to eat well for energy, hormone balance, or weight loss. With a holistic health specialist and other experts on staff, this is a one-stop shop for motivation and information! (FYI the info-packed community is free to join here and because I’m a fan all TVP readers get $25 off their 30-day program w/ code “LOUISE15.”)

Which of your goals will benefit from a little collaboration? When in doubt, check your ego at the door. Explore resources, support communities, or hiring a professional to help maximize your time, energy, and RESULTS!

3. Reengineer your game plan as needed. As you work towards achieving your goals, EXPECT that you will have to rethink your approach at some point along the way. When the need to pivot presents itself, you’ll be ready!

As a byproduct of this lovely pandemic stress I have noticed more wrinkles. Running outside in dry, cold winter weather does not help this cause! While I have been replacing my beauty products with clean, non-hormone disrupting options for the past few years, it takes a long time to find products I love. While I have resources to help me find safe products, I want to spend my free time focusing on my family, our upcoming move, and sharing my new book. Given this current stage of life, I recognize the time has come to check my ego at the door.

health and wellness expert advice and practical tips

I now ask a good physician friend who passionately researches clean skincare for her suggestions and feedback. Also, aiming to use resources where I can get the biggest bang for my buck, I soak up all of the Nrish community's non-toxic beauty tips. Whereas I once thought I had this goal covered, life happened and the time came to check my ego at the door. And of course, teaming up with knowledgeable and motivating resources has only optimized my results!

As you work towards your goals notice where you are getting subpar results, lacking motivation, or need more information/support. When in doubt, reengineer and give collaboration a try!




You now know a secret to taking on multiple health and wellness goals is to CHECK IN and CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR.

health and wellness goal accountability partner

Clarify which goals mean the most to you, know where you got it covered, and recognize the areas in which collaboration will save you time and energy. When in doubt, arm yourself with your favorite resources, support communities, and knowledgeable professionals so you can be unstoppable at achieving your desired results!

We absolutely CAN do it all...we may just need to check our ego at the door.


Additional Resources to Support Your Journey


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