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How to Hack a Gratitude Practice to Keep Your Health, Fitness, Performance (& Life!) on Track

A mindful runner reflecting on gratitude to perform at her best

There are few easier ways to drive high-performance efficiencies to achieve your goals than this!

Watch the video below to learn how you can implement a simple gratitude practice, involve those you love, and keep your health and fitness on track despite having a busy, high-demand life!

What are some simple ways you will practice gratitude? Aim to keep it realistic, as enjoyable as possible and'll be surprised at the benefits it will create in your life!

Wishing you a vibrant, badass day!


Louise Valentine is a 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach, wellness expert, best-selling author and competitive athlete. She owns Badass Breakthrough Academy, a virtual performance academy empowering busy runners and everyday athletes to master the ability to perform at their best despite a busy, high-demand life. Whether you are looking to win events, BQ, or break 4 hours in the marathon, you'll maximize your time, energy & potential! You can find Louise & her family (Team Valentine) living life out loud on Facebook and Instagram @BreakingThroughWellness.


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