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Injury Prevention for Busy Runners: Simple Science-Based Tips You Need to Know!

To my fellow time-starved RunnerMoms, FitDads & those dedicated to chasing running goals: When it comes to injury prevention what are game-changing tips you need to know?

marathon training, ultrarunning & trail running injury prevention tips

In the video below I share takeaways from my experience working on NFL sports med teams & in injury prevention research, but more importantly, how the heck we actually apply it to prevent injuries when running! When we're training & trying to manage our busy family lives & careers, a simple science-based approach is often the differentiator in our ability to keep doing what we love: running with good health, energy & crushing a good goal anytime we want!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when selecting a training plan, strength training program & when deciding what type of coaching advice you want to follow. We really can run our best & be injury-free... with the right approach. Here's what you need to know!

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