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Keys to Smart Supplementation + 2 Products Worth the Investment

What do you need to know when buying a supplement to support your health, fitness or running?

As you're aware of, it's the Wild Wild West out there! We live in a world filled with products that are great & others that are a complete waste of money & actually derail our health vs. help it!

In this video I share:

  • essential things you should consider before buying a supplement

  • examples of 2 products I often recommend to the women runners, everyday athletes & wellness goal-getters that I coach

  • what to look for in a good protein powder if you want a quick & convenient way to meet your protein needs

  • essential amino acids: what they are, why they matter & different ways to use them

I also discuss a go-to company, Kion, that I personally use & why they stand out as a science-backed trustworthy company. Yes, they win a special award, as you'll rarely see this Physiologist shouting out the name of a supplement company from the top of a mountain. However, the results I've seen in my journey overcoming health setbacks, toeing the line as a runner & in helping others' optimize fitness & performance... they deserve a little shout out here on the blog!

Kion best supplements for runners, athletes protein powder & essential amino acids

Enjoy the video! If you're looking for further support:

  • Find Badass Breakthrough Academy for women runners & fitness lovers age 35+ here.

  • Explore Breaking Through Wellness coaching services & free resources here.

  • Check out Kion products here & save with code "LOUISE"

  • Additional article about what you need to know before purchasing a supplement here.

  • Learn about multivitamins & what you should consider before buying one here.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary, especially based on your health history, goals & lifestyle. This video is not meant to be medial advice, diagnose or treat any known medical condition.

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