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4 Healthy Mindset Tips to Crush Your Wellness Goals

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We can have the most amazing diet and exercise program ready to go. We can have our calendar booked with physical activity and our fridge packed with healthy food. But if we don’t have the right mindset to see it all through, we will never achieve the results we desire.

Research tells us time and time again that without a healthy mindset, living a healthy lifestyle and meeting our wellness goals is a heck of a lot harder.

woman focusing on crushing her running goal

By working to incorporate these 4 simple strategies into your life you will find it easier to be honest with yourself, take ownership of your choices, and operate from a place of self-love. As a bonus, you will gain insight into what it is that holds you back when faced with roadblocks along your personal wellness journey. If practiced together as a family, this productive language can set even the tiniest of humans up for a lifetime of good health!


Are you ready to perfect your healthy mindset?

Here’s how to do it!


1. Replace "I have to" with "I get to"

This is one of my husband and I’s favorite things to call each other out on. Are we really going to complain about having to go to the gym or for a run when we are uninjured, physically capable of exercising, and get the opportunity to take a kid-less moment to ourselves?

woman stretching in gym

The same thing goes for healthy eating. Lately, I’ve been saying “I get to follow an elimination diet protocol” and it helps me focus on how grateful I am to have a caring Doctor who can help get to the bottom of my health concerns. I’ve found replacing I have to with I get to is a powerful tool for not-so-fun work assignments too!

It’s pretty ridiculous when we stop to think about all the wonderful opportunities in our day-to-day life we so easily take for granted. Saying I get to helps us call ourselves out!


2. Replace "I need" with "I want"

One of the most common ways we justify caving into old unhealthy habits is by telling ourselves we need something. A good example of this is when we are trying to stick to healthy eating over the weekend. Do we really need to eat pizza and have a few drinks on a Friday night or do we want to? Do we really need our favorite Ben & Jerry’s or do we want it?

This simple mindset shift is one of the best ways we can practice self-honesty and determine what excuses are holding us back.


3. Replace "I can't with "I won't"

This tip comes in handy when trying to make healthy choices at social events or when on vacation. It’s not that I can’t hit up the gourmet chocolate store after dinner, but it’s that I won’t because it will make my body feel like junk the next morning and it’s one of the worst times of day to put sugar into my body.

chocolate truffles at candy store

Replacing I can’t with I won’t helps us take ownership of our choices and reminds us of all the wonderful reasons why we want to make healthy changes in the first place. Believe me, starting to say I won’t will completely rock your healthy little world!


4. Replace "I'll try" with "I will"

Not using the phrase “I’ll try” is so important when making a healthy lifestyle change that wellness transformation specialists, Chris and Heidi Powell, refuse to let their clients to say it. In his interview with The Hustle Sold Separately, Chris shared that when we say I’ll try we automatically avoid commitment. If we really feel the need to only “try” than we need to take a hard look at our competing priorities, do something different, or perhaps we really just don’t want it bad enough.

father and son discussing healthy mindset

Chris and Heidi’s rule makes a lot of sense. From the moment we take on a healthy lifestyle change we must be sure to use language that sets us up for success. It will determine how we approach challenges that pop up (i.e. not giving up easily and saying, “Well, at least I tried.”) and it can make all the difference in ensuring our healthy changes become a permanent part of our life. Instead, we can replace I’ll try with I will. I will is the language of commitment, integrity, and confidence.


Your Challenge

When aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, we can set ourselves and our families up for success by working to use productive language and reframe our thoughts. You are now armed with 4 secrets to healthy mindset success! Which of the above will you start with?

If you enjoy a simple and practical approach to crushing your goals with confidence and ease our best-selling new book, The Art of Breaking Through: Five Simple Steps to Take on Any Challenge & Tackle Self-Doubt, is the resource for you!

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Together, we can take small steps that create a resilient foundation of health and happiness.


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