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I Am "Resilient" As A Result Of Every Mental Health Provider Who's Helped Me Along the Way

While social media shows a highlight reel of filtered faces and good times, there is a lot of life happening behind the scenes. The reality is every one of us is going through some sort of a crappy time too!

I've been more open about sharing my pain and sadness because facing obstacles and heartbreaking times is part of what makes us human.

I also realize it's not easy to navigate life's most difficult moments and sometimes it’s nearly impossible. So, I think it's important I'm even more honest with you...

vibrant and healthy mother with happy daughter

I stand before you today as a "fierce" military spouse, "best-selling stress management and self-help" author , "powerhouse" leader in healthcare, and every other picture perfect pretty title because I knew when to ask for help. Don't think for a minute that I got to these places without solid support!


I am "resilient" and "empowered" as a result of every

amazing mental health provider that’s helped me along the way.


When I was facing the conflict of not knowing which degree path to take, I talked with a counselor at John Carroll University. I didn't find all the answers, but it certainly helped to know my struggle was normal and that I'd one day find my way.

When I needed extra support to manage the stress of juggling internships, working to pay my tuition, and losing my grandma, I spoke with a Psychologist at The University of Akron. It helped me realize I was strong enough to pursue an alternate path, like starting my own business prior to completing my degree.

When I was torn with the decision to either finish my undergrad degree with one only semester left or to move to upstate New York to live with my Army combat aviator boyfriend in between his deployments, I talked it over with a mental health provider at Baldwin Wallace University. It helped me find the courage to take a chance on love.

strong Army combat aviator and resilient military spouse
Best decision ever by the way!

When I returned to BW to finish my degree during my husband's next deployment, I signed myself right back up for counseling. It was exactly the listening ear I needed while juggling my career, coursework, and losing our friends in combat.

Finally, after leaving my career with the NFL to begin my life as a nomadic military spouse, I took advantage of the opportunity to speak with a Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLAC). The extra support helped when coping with the loss of my career, realigning our marriage after deployment, and finding my place as a new military spouse.

So yes, today I may have written a book about "overcoming obstacles" and "tapping into my inner greatness", but it’s a byproduct of years' worth of asking for support when needed and putting in the work to find what works best for me.

The bottom-line is: Each mental health provider I have spoken with and every personal development resource I've dived into has helped me learn ways to navigate times of confusion, pain, self-doubt, and darkness.


It's ok to admit when things are not ok and it's okay to seek support.


When needed, seek support. Does your community have a wellness coalition like Horizon Foundation or Healthy Harford that lists or provides mental health resources? Does your workplace, school, or insurance offer free counseling or coaching? Do you have a favorite personal development author or speaker you can follow?

I firmly believe we are all capable of standing confident and tall when facing life’s most difficult moments.

I also firmly believe it's also ok to crumble to the ground and slowly put ourselves back together using the support of others.

Over time, we can find what works best for us to navigate life's crappy moments. When in doubt, Team Valentine Project has your back! I also recently launched Badass Breakthrough Academy, empowering you to maximize your mind-body performance to achieve your health & performance goals without it being a complex journey or endless search for solutions. Learn more and view my free training at

And as always, if you enjoyed this message please do share it with others!


Additional Resources to Support Your Journey


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