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My Husband's (Almost) Insulting Reaction to My Book

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While sitting at our kitchen counter during one of our weekend COVID-style happy hours, I asked my husband Zach to share his honest impression after proofreading parts of my new book, The Art of Breaking Through.

happy military family and military spouse

After all, this guy is known among our family and friends for being brutally honest. I knew I could trust he would really tell me like it is, especially if the book wasn’t shaping up to be very good.

Zach took a deep breath and was quiet for moment. I could tell he was really thinking. It definitely had me wondering what he would say next, as sometimes the way in which he provides his opinion doesn't always come out very...shall I say, gentle? (Gotta love those military vibes!)

He looked down at his beer, twirled the bottle a bit and said, “Ummm, it’s ok?"

He looked a little confused, similar to this picture below, where he might be questioning life after a 30 mile training run...

competitive runner after accomplishing a goal long training run

I'll admit, I was semi-insulted by his response! However, given the awkward silence I asked him to further elaborate. (Again, a military man of only a few words...this was like pulling teeth!)

He shared, "I didn’t quite expect you to use the word badass. And Louise, you said shit...that’s a bit far off from your usual science-based and professional writing tone. I'm just not sure about this."

I laughed out loud! He was very much correct, as he does typically read my peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based wellness content. However, as any good health communicator knows, if we really want to drive solutions to problems, one of the most important things we can do is deliver information that is simple, clear, realistic, and actionable.

So, I shared the following with my ever-so-shocked husband:

The Art of Breaking Through is designed to be a short, to-the-point, and simple read because that’s what we need when we are in the heart of facing a challenge. I've been there too many times myself! We are overwhelmed, discouraged, and possibly at our very wit’s end. We may even be flat out broken. We are going through what at the moment might feel like the absolute darkest time in our life. I could cite the science behind the book's simple five-step process to taking on life's most difficult moments, but I don't really think that would help my readers. When we are facing a challenge or daunting personal goal we do not have time or energy to waste!

The Art of Breaking Through book overcoming challenges and personal goals

This book is specifically designed to optimize the readers time. It shares a simple five-step process we can use any time we need to break through a challenge or personal goal with confidence and ease. It provides real-life examples and brief exercises so we know exactly how to apply this solution. And part of that process means I don’t sugar coat the reality of facing difficult moments so I use the words "badass" and "shit."

Because we all need to get to that place where we can say, "I may be going through some shit, but that shit has got nothing on me!"

Because when we don't get to that place of admitting we are going through a dark time and we can't shift our focus to how we will break through that darkness, we end up staying in that darkness way too long!

I believe we are ALL capable of overcoming any challenge life brings our way. Yes even you, who may be sitting there doubting your inner strength. We all face shitty times but each of us also have an amazing inner badass that is just waiting for us to tap into!

The Art of Breaking Through is your go-to resource any time you need to remember how and why “I got this!” Check it out here and see for yourself why my husband wasn't too far off in his review that the book isn't exactly my most academically-focused work. In case you are wondering, Zach did come to terms with appreciating my passion behind the book. And of course, I do love the man...his opinion, crazy confused faces, and all! Additionally, if you're like any of the book's reader reviews, you'll find the message of simplicity and hope refreshing, realistic, and just what you need when facing life's little (and big) challenges.

And if you aren't facing a time of darkness, uncertainty or self-doubt yourself, I'm sure you know someone who could really use this book. Help spread the love by sharing a copy of the book today!

Finally, if you are looking to take your personal well-being to its next level we also offer a free advanced training here.

Wishing you and your loved ones a vibrant, healthy journey ahead!


Louise Valentine is an award-winning wellness expert, best-selling author, competitive runner, and fierce military spouse. She runs the Badass Breakthrough Academy, empowering you with simple, science-based strategies to stress less, optimize recovery, and consistently achieve your health and performance goals! Learn more and view her FREE TRAINING here. As always, you can find Louise & Team Valentine living life out loud on Instagram @BreakingThroughWellness.


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