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What I Wish I Could Say to My Senior Year Self


Nothing like speaking to a group of students & cleaning out your parents attic to make you reflect on life! What do you need to say to your Senior Year Self?

senior year reflection on career success, overcoming obstacles, hope and self-love

Dear Senior Year Self,

You don’t have to sit quietly in your seat each day, terrified to respond to your teacher if called upon. You are bright and determined. One day you will be a fierce military spouse who innovates across the wellness industry.

You don’t have to have panic attacks during speech class. You are courageous and intentional. One day you will stand tall as an invited speaker and interview guest.

You don’t have to worry about missing so many days due to illness that you no longer qualify for honors classes. Finding ways to make wellness work takes years worth of trial and error, but you will never stop learning. One day you will reverse your conditions and help empower others to live a vibrant, healthy life.

You don’t have to starve yourself to increase your cross country times or be so self-conscious about being last to cross the finish line. Being a competitive athlete doesn’t come naturally for most, but you will not give up. One day you will crush your goal times, run the Boston marathon, and help others optimize their performance.

Most importantly, you don’t have to quietly journal every day of your life, afraid to show your true self. You are strong, capable, and your story matters. The day you decide to speak up, your voice will resonate with others. You kid, will be a best-selling author.

You can accomplish anything that you truly desire if you just keep taking one small step in the right direction. You will do this and you will do it well.

Having been through it all now, I can tell you it's ALL worth fighting for! Each obstacle you overcome will make you a better version of yourself and better for this world. You won't want to change much about your perfectly imperfect journey...

but you will wish that you would've loved yourself a little more along the way.

You are loved.


Your 36-year-old self


CALL TO ACTION: So I ask you again, What do you need to say to your Senior Year Self?

reflection on personal growth and self-love through senior year pictures

What have you accomplished, overcome, and broken through? We are ALL truly badass and awesome when we stop to think about it! Take some time to recognize your inner greatness and write a letter to your Senior Year Self. Consider sharing your letter with a graduating senior who needs to hear a message of encouragement.

Did you enjoy this article? Share it on social media to help spread this message of self-love and possibility!

We have an opportunity to show others that despite life presenting obstacles, we are ALL perfectly capable of coming out on the other side better than ever!


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Louise Valentine is an award-winning wellness expert, best-selling author, competitive athlete, and fierce military spouse. She runs the Badass Breakthrough Academy, empowering others with simple strategies to stress less, optimize recovery, and confidently achieve their most ambitious health and performance goals. Learn more here. As always, you can find Louise & Team Valentine living life out loud on Instagram @BreakingThroughWellness.

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