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Products I Love: How I Used Kion Lean to Support Energy & Blood Sugar

🤔 Do you struggle with blood sugar spikes, crashes & energy lows after eating a high carb meal?

🏃🏽‍♀️Are you a runner who, despite trying your best to get nutrient timing right, still experiences energy lows or crashes mid-run?

I’m excited to share my experience using Kion Lean.

energized runners racing without hitting the wall

This a company I use with my wellness coaching & performance academy clients. But, this was a new product for me to try first before recommending it to anyone else! 😉

🔥When taken with a high carb meal, Lean has plant-based ingredients to reduce blood sugar spikes & amp up metabolism.

Watch the video below to hear how I put it to the test prior to my morning run & the fun, high performance & high vibe results I experienced!

If you want to check it out for yourself, check out Kion here & use code “LOUISE” to save!

When you give it a try, send me an email at support@breakingthroughwellness or a direct message on Instagram to let me know how you used it & how you felt after!

I’d love to see all the different ways it can be used to help others feel badass & vibrantly well, too!

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If you happen to be a runner struggling with low energy levels, frequent exhaustion or you're sick of stress impacting your ability to be energized & well, check out my upcoming free training here!

Wishing you a vibrant, badass day!


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