Runners & Athletes: A Quick & Effective Way to Train Your Mind for an Upcoming Race!

I’ve heard other Physiologists & coaches say that there is no way to hack the mind.

I disagree, because after years of sifting through research & coaching hundreds throughout the U.S., I believe I have a way to do it. Thankfully, others who use the simple 5 steps in my book, The Art of Breaking Through, & the data I collect on it agree!

But here's the thing: I coach many runners & athletes who've never tried to train their mind.

They believe it involves frustrating meditation, endless mindfulness or non-stop visualization.

What if there was a way to train your mind that:

  • took only a few minutes of your time

  • didn't involve an app, expensive tech or guided meditation

  • targeted the area of your performance where you can move the needle THE MOST

stretching before a marathon & being a mindful runner

In the 6-minute video below I run through one of the most quick & effective ways you can train your mind for an upcoming event. Even if your event is tomorrow, you can still do this tonight & be much better prepared to dig deep & perform your best!

If you're short on time, big on goals & wanting to find what will work best for you to maximize results, this is the way to do it! And it just so happens to be what I specialize in as a wellness, performance & running coach.

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