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Simple Science-Based Tips for Runners to Maximize (& Survive!) Marathon Training Taper Week

😬Taper Time😬 How can marathon runners & endurance goal-getters survive this oh so special week? Try these simple, science-based tips to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! 😉

marathon training and running your best at Boston Marathon

In this video you'll learn:

✅ Why does taper matter?

✅ Super quick mindset prep tips

✅ How to better manage work-related stress so it doesn’t crush your ability to crush your race day goals

✅ Practical nutrition insights

✅ How to keep optimizing your performance super simple

✅ Why you’re going to crush your goals, even if you didn’t have the perfect training cycle

Which tip will you try? Commit to trying at least one & see what it does for your ability to maximize the taper madness.

Be sure to share this video with a runner you 💕 who’s also going insane during their taper week!

Wishing you a great racing season ahead,

Coach Louise


Links to Additional Resources

Link to the book referenced in the video, "The Art of Breaking Through: Five Simple Steps to Take on Any Challenge" here.

Learn more about my 1:1 wellness, running & mind-body performance coaching services, Woman's Health & Running Academy & self-study courses here!


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