What Leveling Up Health, Fitness or Performance Really Feels Like (the reality no one talks about)

In the video below I share what it REALLY FEELS LIKE right before you level up your health, fitness or athletic performance. This is the stuff very coaches talk about, but it's the truth I see every day when working with those dedicated to breaking through to their next level of health or performance. It doesn't matter how you define "next level", it's the level of commitment to your goals that is what matters!

Are you committed to achieving a big goal or taking it to your next level this year?

Does it sometimes feel a little dark, like crap or uncomfortable? Yes, it does!

Let's talk about it, laugh about it & be real. And as always, I love to use my NFL player coaching clients & my own running goals as fun examples.

a runner dedicated to crushing her marathon training goals

If you're leveling up this year, you don't have to do it alone. In fact, it's when you have the right support & strategies in place, that you cut the line in your journey!

You can now learn how to do so, with a rebellious sense of simplicity & ease, in my free advanced training available here. And of course, I'm always happy to have your back as a coach or hook you up with a free trial of my Badass Breakthrough Academy course. 💪

Cheering on your success!


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