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Why Runners, Athletes & Fitness Goal-Getters Need to be Michelle Tanner & "Cut it out!"

In the video below I share one of the most game-changing strategies I use to empower my coaching clients to achieve their fitness & running goals with LESS stress & BETTER results.

I know, it sounds a bit impossible... but there really is a way to do it & this strategy will give you a great start!

Full House meme Michelle Tanner and running and fitness goals

I’ll admit, I’m a bit sad, because I realized after recording this that it was actually Uncle Joey who said, “Cut. It. Out.” But alas, this is still a super simple & powerful strategy you need to know!

When in doubt, remember "stress is stress." Our body does not know the difference between good stress (like exercising) & every day stress (like a long work week, challenges in parenting, a poor quality night's sleep, etc.).

Unfortunately, stress in our life adds up & shifts our body into a physiological state where our body cannot progress our goals. What you experience when this happens is low energy, more frequent short tempers, plateaued progress in your exercise, weight gain despite a good diet, trouble sleeping... and the list goes on. I share this message after personally learning the hard way because I had to comeback from burnout in my running & I acquired a few health diagnoses at waaaay too young an age. We need to respect the stress in our life & learn how to reduce it or adjust accordingly, or we will pay. If not now, it will catch up later!

Bottom-line is: Give this strategy a try & save yourself from fatigue, plateaus, frustration & if you're like me, even acquiring a health diagnosis or two!

Love what you just learned? We might as well keep the 90s memes coming...

Britney Spears meme & athletic and running performance & training plan tips

Oops, I did it again: I shared two more common mistakes that I see those working hard to improve their health, fitness or athletic performance make & what we can do about it. These ones just might surprise you! Check out Breaking Through Wellness & learn them now.


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