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An Example of How to Adjust Your Running Training Plan for Lack of Sleep, Stress, Alcohol or Travel

While the following example applies to any runner, it especially applies for those of us over age 35! We're not only chasing running goals, but we want to prevent injuries, optimize recovery & maximize our energy to perform at our best in everyday life, too!

The Bottom-Line Is: Having the skills to flex & adapt our training for everyday stressors MATTERS!

runner feeling stressed while marathon training

It's the strategies that we use in a training cycle that will make or break our success as a runner, not the training plan itself!

Smart strategic training is your secret to preventing:

  • injuries

  • excessive fatigue

  • performance plateaus

  • gut health imbalances

  • acute illness, like respiratory infections, colds, flus & viruses

  • chronic illness, like inflammatory & hormones disorders

  • burnout

Take it from someone who's been there, had to comeback from it all & now empowers other runners from preventing it from happening to them, too!

In the brief video below, I share a real-life example of how I adjusted a speed work day AFTER a full day of travel, lack of sleep, alcohol use & during the heart of the high-stress work week.

These ideas & strategies will help you adjust your training when life happens, little stressors start to add up &/or you choose to make fun drink choices instead of smart ones :)

Looking for additional support in unlocking your best health, running & mind-body resilience? Check out my customized coaching services & comprehensive program for women runners here.

Wishing you many injury-free & energized training cycles ahead,


2020 Health Educator of the Year, 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach

Best-Selling Author, Published Researcher

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