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Two Secrets to Healthy Living Success

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Here are two of my top “secrets” to healthy living success!

Team Valentine Project is my mission to help you empower yourself and your family to find ways to make wellness work. It’s based on years I've spent as a Health Educator and Exercise Physiologist, successfully helping others find simple healthy habits that compliment their lifestyle and goals.

The idea is that small, individualized healthy changes are more sustainable. Ultimately, when combined with others over time, they can add up to have an awesome impact on our well-being! This is by far one of the best “secrets” to weight loss, athletic performance, and healthy living success.

But here’s another secret. When you find what works it’s going to work...and then it’s probably not going to work.

Reality is, our bodies are constantly adapting to change.

So that marathon training plan I used to crush a PR a few years ago? Yeah, it no longer works as good as it used to. I’ve had to revamp and change up what I’m doing in order to see continued improvement.

That perfect eating plan that helped me build muscle and lean out my midsection after I had my second kid?

Yep, it no longer delivers the same results.

So what can we do about it?

We can be aware that when find ways to make wellness work, they ultimately may not work at some point. By expecting this to happen we can instead commit to being engineers of our own healthy lifestyle.

It is through continuously redesigning habits to support our well-being that we will find a lifetime of healthy living success.

I had to have pep talk with myself recently, as I was feeling a little bitter, frustrated, and sorry for myself because blood work indicated I have to change up a few things. I had to admit that some of the healthy habits I find realistic, fun, and sustainable are no longer serving my well-being like they used to. Along with this acceptance came a bit of discomfort that I don’t think anyone enjoys going through!

So today I’m throwing this message out to the world: Yes, we want to find ways to make wellness work. Once we do, we should embrace and enjoy them! However, we can also be aware and prepare for the fact that one day that healthy habit may no longer work for us. It is then that we can put on our engineering hats and redesign a process that keeps us chugging along on our fit and fabulous health journey.

On that journey, I wish you well!

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