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How to Adjust Your Nutrition & Exercise to Fight Viruses, Colds & Flus

We’ve all been there: Either we know we’ve been exposed to a cold, flu or virus…

OR we’re starting to see those pesky red flags from our body that let us know we might be getting sick, i.e., a scratchy throat, feeling more tired than usual, runny nose, etc.

In the video below I share simple science-backed strategies you can add into your life when feeling under the weather.

runner getting sick & how to prevent illness during marathon training

I break down how to take a proactive & preventive approach to support your body so you’re not fully knocked out by illness, sharing:

🌟Simple lifestyle shifts that go a long way.

🌟How to adjust your exercise, running or strength training now, so you don’t pay later!

🌟How to test your body, so you know when to work out & when you should consider rest.

🌟What to eat to support your immune system.

🌟Science-backed immune-supporting supplements.

🌟An immune-boosting strategy specific for marathoners, ultrarunners & endurance athletes called probiotic loading: what it is, why it matters & a practical approach to actually doing it!

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Links to Foods & Resources Shared

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth: Save at checkout w/ code “BREAKINGTHROUGHWELLNESS”

Learn more about high-quality multivitamins & vitamin D in this video.

Navitas Organics Wheatgrass

Bragg Nutritional Yeast

Bragg ACV Refreshers

Om Hot Chocolate

Kion Essential Amino Acids & Colostrum found here. Save up to 20% at checkout w/ code “LOUISE”

Peak by Dr. Marc Bubbs

Learn about Badass Breakthrough Academy

And with that, I wish you well preventing illness, bouncing back quicker than ever & supporting your vibrant, healthy & high-performance life!


2020 Health Education Specialist of the Year, 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach

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