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Is it possible to marathon train, run your best & lose weight at the same time?

It's the ever-popular question I get from the dedicated marathon & ultramarathoning runners I coach. Can we really have the best of both worlds: Running our best & losing a few pounds along the way?

marathon running shoes to run your best

In this video you'll learn:

🌟Is it possible to train for a half marathon or greater & lose weight at the same time?

🌟If I try to do it, what do I need to know?

🌟How can I maintain good health & crush my running goals?

🌟Special considerations for female endurance athletes, marathoning moms & more!

Watch below & learn how my marathon & ultrarunning clients & I navigate this very fine line without derailing our health & performance along the way!

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Wishing you a healthy, high-performance journey ahead!

Coach Louise

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