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Runners: Having a hard time hitting goal pace? Here's what is happening & what you can do about it!

Have you faced this incredibly frustrating experience in your running: Things were on track in your training, but all of a sudden you go to complete a workout with dead legs... that feeling like no matter how deep you dig, your legs just won't turn over?!

exhausted marathon runner and mom trying to run her best race

Watch to learn how to work with your physiology to prevent reaching the point of counterproductive fatigue, injury, illness & burnout.

If over age 35, these tips are especially essential to your energy, fitness & running success!

When in this scenario, remember: Simple science-based corrective actions make ALL the difference!

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Louise Valentine, MPH, CHES, ACSM-EP, EIM II, CPT, CSCS, BCTMB is an avid RunnerMom, published researcher & multi award-winning health, fitness & performance expert. She owns Breaking Through Wellness & runs the one-of-a-kind Badass Breakthrough Academy for women runners age 35+. Be sure to subscribe below for access to live workshops & newsletter tips to feel, run & live your best with more energy & less stress!

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